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The whole world is suffering from the toughest time of their life due to Pandemic Corona Virus. The lockdown period has been extended, and people are sitting at home. But this is the time when you have opportunities to discover new things. To increase your knowledge about technology, we have listed out some of the latest android trends 0f 2020. This will not only give you information, but it will also help to build you the new mobile app to support Android development services.

Here are some of the popular trends if 2020, which has been developed for the growth of Android development services in India. Check out:

1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AI and ML allow the app to learn automatically and improve from experience without being programmed. This refers to the set of programming techniques. This is helpful for the unstructured data like images and text and solves the problem, which is in large numbers of parameters.

2. Navigation Component

This is the developed app for the android version, which refers to all the interactions allowing moving around different sections within the app. The navigation Component consists of three parts, which include Navhost, Navigation graph, and Nav Controller.

3. Google Assistant/Chatbots

This is beneficial for the business owners as they integrate the content and services of their apps with the Google Assistant, which helps in proving the faster ways for the users to access your app directly in the Google Assistant. Several users are using Google assistant, as this is the key to achieve the goal among many development teams.

4. Jetpack Securities

This is the way to store the data with more security in shared preferences. This is one of the improved securities on android devices launched this year.

5. ViewPager2

This is the improved version of recycler View, which launched in 2019. Now, this has become the stable version of 2020 with many improved qualities. View pager two can work with Recycler View, now there is an addition of different page transformers; it supports the vertical orientation, etc.

6. IoT

IoT, known as the Internet of Things, is the key trend in Android development, which translates into Android things and allows the developer to build up the device of hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi. This is useful for the android users as it offers several tools for installing a1nd updating the system on the supported hardware devices.

7. Motion Layout

This is a type of layout that is used by the developers to manage the motion and widget animation in their apps. This tool is a part of the Constraint Layout library. This tool helps to fill the gap between the layout transition and complex motion handling. The developer uses this trend to create an interface that helps the users in understanding what is happening in the app.

8. Android Instant Apps

The Android Instant Apps are such developed app which does not require installation to use it. Google play instant allows such apps and games which are already on the device without installation. It acquires more active users.

9. Android Enterprise

This is the trend of 2020, which provides developers with APIs and other tools to integrate the support for Android in their enterprise mobility management. This is the most useful trend in the field if the Android development.

10. Saved State

This is the library, which is useful to save the instance state. Android developers should know about the system-initiated process. In 2020 many latest trends have been proved beneficial for the android developers. I hope you liked the prepared list.

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