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You all must have heard about artificial intelligence, and it may be from various sources such as your textbooks, movies or anything else. So let’s understand about this in more detail.

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

According to the father of the field Minsky artificial intelligence if any task which is usually completed by human beings also starts getting done by the computers and programs. In general, we can say that if a machine receives capable of doing what a human being can do, then it is artificial intelligence. Machine learning services and capability of humans can create such artificial intelligence which may have similar levels of these things as compared to human beings. 

What are the uses of artificial intelligence? 

No doubt artificial intelligence has too much use in this daily life, somehow it is connected with the daily life of all of us in some ways. Whenever you visit any online store, then whatever you see in the recommended section is just because of artificial intelligence. Not only this whenever you say something to the virtual assistance of your phone, and they answer you, but it is also because of artificial intelligence. Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most significant examples of this. Artificial intelligence is often used to stop online frauds, detect bots and spams as well. To make AI, this much useful tech companies had to work too much. 

Types of artificial intelligence 

Mainly there are only two types of artificial intelligence 

● Narrow artificial intelligence 

● General artificial intelligence 

Whatever you see in the computers nowadays comes in the category of narrow Artificial intelligence. The machines have been taught to complete some of the specific works even if they are not programmed that well in how to do that. 

Mainly this is used in the field of voice recognition and the system of the virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. Another example of this kind of artificial intelligence is when you visit any online shopping website and whatever product you see in your recommended section due to your past searches and history is because of this narrow artificial intelligence. Even in the self-driving cars, it will be used as the business recognition feature. But this artificial intelligence can only perform specific tasks, not upto a large number of functions. That’s why it is called narrow artificial intelligence. 

What is general artificial intelligence capable of doing? 

Unlike the narrow artificial intelligence, general artificial intelligence is capable of adapting according to the situations. It can be used to perform various tasks and works instead of focusing on only a few tasks. General artificial intelligence can do those tasks varying from cutting hairs to making the power points for the presentation. It can do a wide variety of tasks relying on its past experiences and making those tasks better. Today general artificial intelligence doesn’t exist in reality; scientists and top tech experts are still working to develop this and making it ready to use for the future. There are some Best Artificial Intelligence companies in India which are also working on this.

That said, some AI experts believe such projections are wildly optimistic, given our limited understanding of the human brain and believe that AGI is still centuries away.

Hope this article will help you to get an idea about artificial intelligence. Happy coding!!!

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