Transform your business with one of the best AI Development Companies in India

A Square India is one of the leading companies working on artificial intelligence and machine learning. We help our customers in drawing the latest in AI technology tosustain their abilities, understanding business complexities and drive advancement. Our nature of work makes us one of the best artificial intelligence companies in India. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning both are the terms of computer science and they are used interchangeably with each other. AI and ML are different from each other but have the same perception. AI is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. On the other hand, ML is defined as the acquisition of skill or experience; both are used to generate and store digital information.

We Offer

  • Customized AI in business applications
  • Task automation
  • Predictive analysis
  • Machine learning cloud service
  • Conversational AI
  • Chatbots


Machine Learning

artificial machine

Company used the term ML and AI to turn the information into actionable insights. They combine advanced analytics and text mining capabilities by using these two terms to complete the process

Cognitive Computing

Cognative services

The Cognitive Computing capabilities helps in recognizing the risks and frauds to the banking and Insurance companies.

Deep Learning

deeplearning service

This helps to enable the enterprises with data discovery, model development, and deployment to assist clients, which is useful to uncover the patterns in data and they also predict future trends using deep learning.

Computer Vision


The computer vision offers several annotations, automatic removal, analysis, and recognition of helpful information from a single image or a sequence of images.

Predictive Analytics


With the help of Predictive Analytics, various severe problems are solved. This helps to uncover new opportunities like operations improvement, Fraud detection, marketing campaign optimization & risk reduction.

Big Data & Analytics


These terms are capable of turning big data analytics into actionable insights across multiple significant data use cases.


Chatbots & voicebots with vernacular support

Chatbots & voicebots with vernacular support

Chatbots and voice bots are both conversational interfaces; chat bots are the text-based messaging channels, and voice bots are communicating interfaces that communicate in natural language. Both are the new way for businesses to upgrade ways in which they are engaging with their customers.

  • Vernacular
  • Speech to text
  • Text to speech
  • Without paid frameworks integration
  • Fully customisation as per your business need
  • All database integration
  • Risk Modelling and Due Diligence

    Risk Modelling and Due Diligence

    Automate and accelerate company research and risk modelling with our state-of-art algorithms can be effective in various ways:
  • Time effectiveness
  • Cost effectiveness
  • More enhanced risk evaluation
  • Useful for Banks, M&A teams, Investment bankers, Investment firms etc.
  • Fast, reliable and more accurate than a human analysis.
  • Recruitment interview automation platform

    Recruitment interview automation platform

    A conversational AI platform that leverages the power of Text Analysis, NLP & Computer Vision to connect and communicate interviewee with companies. This will help companies to market their jobs, onboard quality people and communicate smartly with them and higher chances to retain them because of their involvement and interest in the company which can be found out during their interaction with the Platform, which come with below features: 

  • Candidate can attend an interview as per their convenience any time
  • Vernacular support
  • Real-time facial analysis
  • Performance scoring of candidates among all applicants
  • Power of AI, NLP Text Analytics and Computer Vision

    Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing

    This is an advance term which is used to select the powerful skills and tools to enhance the personal performance in many fields which are somehow relevant to the business like:

    • Creditworthiness assessment
    • Neural machine translation
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Hiring and recruitment
    • Advertising
    • Market intelligence


    • Healthcare
    • TV, media, and advertising
    • Mental healthcare and wellness
    • Politics
    • Market and due diligence
    • Education & technology

    Recommendation Engine

    Recommendation Engine

    The Recommendation Engine helps in analyzing the user behavior and persona to suggest the preferable items. This is helpful for the product companies to do:

    • Personalized merchandising
    • Personalized content
    • Product and content recommendations for voice shoppers
    • Better product and search experience


    • E-commerce & Food tech platforms
    • Television, Media, Entertainment and OTT platforms
    • Advertisement and marketing agencies
    • Financial and banking product companies

    Object Detection and OCR


    Object Detection and OCR break into a wide range of industries. It uses the case ranging from personal security to productivity in the workplace.

    • Optical Character Recognition
    • Violence detection
    • Nudity detection
    • E-commerce integration
    • Specific object identification and prediction
    • Self-driving cars
    • Face detection and face recognition


    • Object detection
    • Image retrieval
    • Security
    • Surveillance
    • Automated vehicle systems
    • Machine inspection


    artificial tools stack


    Consumer Services
    • Chatbot
    • Assisted Automation
    Education Technology
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Assisted Automation
    • End to end product design
    • AI, ML implementation
    • Architecture Development
    Retail & E - Commerce
    • Chatbot
    • Assisted Automation
    Media, Advertisement & Marketing
    • Marketing Automation
    • Customer Segmentation 
    • Computer Vision
    Finance Technology
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Document Classification
    • Fraud Detection/prevention
    • Predict underwriting risk
    • New account risk screens
    Travel & Hospitalit
    • Natural language Processing
    • Recommendation Engine
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Speech recognition
    • Internet of Things
    • Computer Vision
    Human Resource
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Chatbots
    • Process Automation
    • Document Processing
    • Resume Parsing
    Health Care
    • OCR Automation
    • Assisted Automation
    • Process Automation
    • Computer Vision
    • Natural Language Processing
    Public Sector
    • Analyze public sentiment
    • Optimize resource allocation
    • Law enforcement & security 
    Oil & Gas
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Seismic data management
    • Predict well production levels
    • Predict customer churn
    • Predict equipment failure
    • Customer behavior analysis